you deserve a job you love.

Interior Design School

The only design school committed to learning AND earning.

dream job alert!

To spread our love and expertise of the interior design business to you. Is it possible to have a job you love? That you’re excited about? That pays you six figures a year? That checks all the boxes? 

Yes! It’s possible and we’ll show you how! 

Being an interior designer is the best job ever! We’re not kidding.  We love it that much! And we’re uniquely qualified to get you well on your way to having your dream job or making some major improvement in your existing interior design business. 

We are not your typical design school. Theory and skills are great, but how do you make a fantastic living in this business? We go there. How do you get clients? We go there too. How do you maintain and grow your own business and become wildly successful? You better believe we go there!

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