About us

(Actually, this is about you.) 

A word from Kami Gray, our founder.

Hey YOU! I’ll talk more about us in a minute. For now, I’d like to share a little story because I wonder if you can relate to how I felt right before I changed everything and became an interior designer? I was working in a job that checked off several boxes.

☑️ a steady paycheck
☑️ health insurance
☑️ vacation and sick time
☑️ retirement fund

Even so, I wasn’t fulfilled and in my head I kept thinking, “This job doesn’t feel like me.” I knew there was something missing. I knew I had a bigger life purpose. And I knew I was creative and my skills and talent were being completely underutilized. I was not living the dream. 

On Sunday nights, I often had a pit in my stomach thinking about working this job for another week. I’d come home from work tired, barely able to exercise or engage in passion projects or other interests. I was drained from giving so much of my energy away without doing anything that actually lifted me up. Even when I managed to hang out with friends or take a vacation, it didn’t matter, that nagging feeling of “this job doesn’t feel like me” would return again and again.

Way too much time passed before I made the decision to try something else. I was terrified, but I needed to flex my creative muscles. My soul was begging me.

I set out on a journey to find out what I was truly made of and discovered that I had a real knack for designing and creating home spaces. My seven-year old self said, “duh, I could have told you that.” That younger version of me was right, I have a gift and I’ve loved designing, editing, and manipulating the rooms in my homes for as long as I can remember. And if I was being brave and honest, I would do anything to get paid to do this for other people. 

What followed was a lengthy and winding path to get me where I am today.

A formal education teaches a lot of theory and various skills, but I needed to learn how to actually go out and get clients and build a successful and sustainable interior design business. It took me a very long time, full of trial and error, with plenty of costly and painful mistakes. But over time, I figured it out and fully understood that this work brought out the best in me. Now the voice in my head says, “this job is so perfectly me.” 

One of my very favorite quotes: 

“Someone once told me the definition of Hell: 

The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” 


I look back on this huge journey of not just figuring out the art of design and building the necessary skills, but also the practical skills needed to make it a business that would not just support me, but actually help me to live a thriving and rewarding life. 

I have good news if you can relate to the story of my life before I made the giant leap. I’ve created a design school that is the fast-track, inside scoop, and the real deal on how I did it. I’m going to share everything I know with you. Being an interior designer is seriously the best job ever and I can’t wait to show and tell you how to make it happen for yourself. Let’s do this.

Our number one objective is that you will, pardon our French, go out in the world and kick some serious ass with a SIX-FIGURE income and a career that makes you say to yourself, “this job is so perfectly me.



Yours Truly,


Q&A with Founder, Kami Gray