Private Coaching

Private, one-on-one, business coaching to accommodate individualized needs and specific outcomes for aspiring or current interior design businesses and other creative entrepreneurs.

With POH Founder, Kami Gray
  • This program is meant for aspiring or current interior designers and creative entrepreneurs that are ready to level up their business and get maximum results in terms of profitability and growth.
  • The focus can be broad and cover all aspects of entrepreneurship or more narrow and explore one area such as marketing more deeply.
  • Meetings take place via zoom.
  • Private, one-on-one, custom-designed program to meet individual needs and desired outcomes.
  • Kami can work with individuals, partners, or small groups within your firm or organization.
COST: $500/hour / $1500 for 1/2 Day / $2800 for Full Day
DATE: TBD, based on your schedule and Kami’s availability. 
To learn more about private business coaching, book a zoom call with Kami Gray.