How Our School Works

About us

This is not your typical interior design school.

Theory and skills are important, but how do you succeed and make a real living in this business? We go there too.

Our school is different. We care most about you launching your career the minute you graduate from our school. Isn’t that the point of going to school? To have a career that you love beyond measure that actually earns you a great living? 

Choose from In-person at our swanky studio in Portland, Oregon or via zoom. Whatever works for you!

We have SIX courses that we teach you in SIX days and there are dozens of bonus activities built into the curriculum like guest speakers and games with cool prizes because we also like to have fun. When you graduate on Day 6, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Why does that matter?

A certificate from the Psychologie of Home Design School means you…

  • studied under an accomplished, successful interior designer (learn more about Kami Gray, our founder and lead instructor)
  • have a well-rounded education in interior design
  • understand the big picture as well as the small details of this industry
  • took the time, made the effort, and were dedicated to completing your education from start to finish
  • are committed to becoming a professional interior designer

We want you to be a rising star! Don’t you know in your heart that it’s your time to shine?

Come join us! We can’t wait! 




Learn more: Q&A with Founder, Kami Gray