Our Mission and Philosophy

About us

This is not your typical interior design school.

Theory and skills are important, but how do you succeed and make a real living in this business? We go there too.

Our Design School believes HOME MATTERS. Like not just a little. Home matters a lot. We may not be curing cancer, but interior designers that truly care about their clients are making a difference and a serious contribution to other people’s lives. The science on this is clear. Our home environment greatly affects our wellbeing.

While Interior Design may seem like a complicated career involving many different skills, we’re going to break it down and simplify it for you in a way that other schools, webinars, courses, and workshops don’t. Oh, and it’s going to FUN.

But skills and fun don’t make a living do they? That’s why our focus is LEARNING and EARNING. With the right education, this job can easily earn you a SIX-FIGURE annual income

We have a unique philosophy that goes beyond learning the necessary and very learnable skills of this industry. We think interior design is more than just stuff you buy and put in your home. We think it’s more than just copying what you see on HGTV. We think it’s more than just showing luxury homes on our Instagram feeds with #homegoals. 

Homes are not one size fits all and we believe that home is an extension of each one of us. The line between home and self is a blurry one because the place we live is not just made up of living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms, it’s the exact location that most things happen in our lives, including (and maybe especially) how we feel about ourselves. Home and self are unconsciously linked. You’ll learn all the necessary skills, but we go a little deeper around here. And of equal importance, we show you how to make a real living at a job you love. Join us!

Q&A with Founder, Kami Gray