Heather Roser

It’s hard to describe this incredible week with words. Kami is awe-inspiring and shared an astonishing amount of knowledge, in just six days, which is kind of hard to imagine. Part design expert, part motivational guru, she covered all pillars to the foundation of starting a successful interior design business, not withholding any of her secrets! I didn’t think it was possible to start a new career, later in life, but this course sparked confidence and an enthusiasm that I didn’t even know existed. The women that were drawn together, because of Kami’s awesome energy, are a new-found flock of friends with whom I have bonded. I cannot say enough about how special this week was for me. Hailey & Alana were also the best support; equally kind and caring. They are true birds of a feather, which is no surprise. I cannot thank each of you enough, for this incredible school and for inspiring me to start this new chapter!