Kristen McGee

I am so glad that I took the leap and did this! I followed Kami’s Instagram for a while and as I was hitting a wall in my career due to major burnout, I started to notice her posts about Design school. I scheduled a call with her and even before the call I tried to talk myself out of it a few times. After I had my Zoom call with Kami-I left real estate probably about 2 weeks later and have been on an exciting journey to finally chase my dreams! I went to college for Interior Design, but I graduated in 2006 and never fully pursued that career. I had a few sales jobs in the industry after college and as the economy turned, I got my real estate license and sold real estate for 12.5 years. I chose this route because I was never brave enough to follow my true passions to have my OWN interior design business. Thanks to the timing of learning about Kami’s design school, and committing to come in person-I am FINALLY ready to do what I have always wanted to do—-and I feel more ready now than I ever would have from my design degree in college. What she has created for educating interior designers is an ABSOLUTE GIFT! I encourage anyone who is on the fence to GET OUT OF THEIR OWN WAY and just do it for yourself. It is worth it!!